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Omnisol RTU

Long Lasting Protection

OMNISOL RTU is the newest NanoVapor Biotech product and is designed for consumer-grade application with 0.75% active ingredient. It is approved by the EPA for commercial applications in homes, offices, automobiles and commercial/industrial properties. OMNISOL RTU is formulated as a ready-to-use product, and is used for treatment of surfaces in indoor and outdoor environments to control bacterial growth. One application provides with upto 90 days of long lasting protection.

Omnisol RTU is the no-hassle answer to your sanitization needs. It comes at the ideal concentration for your use, offering peace of mind that it is sanitizing perfectly and cutting down your cleaning time.

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HOUSTON, Dec. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NanoVapor Biotech, an innovative technology solutions company focused on eliminating bacteria, microbes, fungi and mold in workplaces and businesses, today announces the launch of OMNISOL®, a unique new line of spray-on anti-microbials that provide businesses with long-term solutions to sanitizing surfaces to protect employees, customers and the public from threats posed by harmful pathogens.

The pandemic has created a heightened sense of awareness when it comes to workplace and industrial hygiene and the need to implement sanitary safety measures. More and more companies are looking for long-term solutions beyond the current threat posed by COVID-19, including the upcoming flu season.

NanoVapor Biotech’s OMNISOL line of anti-microbials was inspired by nature. In the natural world many insects, such as cicadas and dragonflies, have antimicrobial surfaces on their wings or skin. Nanostructured spikes on these surfaces can kill bacteria on contact by piercing the cell walls of microbes and bacteria that land on them.

OMNISOL products provide an unparalleled level of microbial protection by forming a nanolayer of sub-microscopic spikes – each about one-thousandth of the diameter of a human hair – that can pierce the cell walls of microbes that land on treated surfaces, killing them. Surfaces treated with OMNISOL actually become self-disinfecting, adding an advanced new dimension to the fight against harmful pathogens.

Common disinfectants do their part by killing bacteria but require frequent applications, which can be costly and time consuming. OMNISOL products keep killing bacteria on surfaces for up to 90 days, depending on the type of environment, number of people, touchpoints, etc.

OMNISOL can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including hard surfaces, carpet, and even clothing, and is invisible, odorless, non-tacky and won’t wipe off during regular cleanings. Ideal uses include hospitals, medical buildings, arenas and entertainment venues, retail, schools, public transportation settings and restaurants. OMNISOL products are EPA registered.

“The pandemic has changed the way that we all approach indoor environments,” said Fernando Lehrer, CEO of NanoVapor Biotech. “OMNISOL provides businesses with an efficient, effective way to protect employees, customers and visitors from the threats posed by harmful pathogens. The self-disinfecting surfaces it creates provides a longer-lasting layer of protection that regular disinfectants can’t.”

A business can have their own janitorial service apply OMNISOL, as it is water-based and can be sprayed on surfaces using sprayers. Once dried, the sub-microscopic layer bonds to the surface, and is non-toxic and safe for both people and the environment. NanoVapor Biotech also offers full-service solutions that include a risk mitigation assessment, needs analysis and professional application using NanoVapor Biotech’s advanced atomization sprayers for large commercial and industrial settings.