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Nano Technology Long-Term Disinfection

Disinfect. Protect. Save.

Disinfect and protect high-traffic environments with Omnisol to eliminate bacteria for up to 90 days, keeping your business safe while limiting your sanitation expense.

80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch.

Inspired by Nature


This patented nanolayer creates a surface that is uninhabitable to microbes but is non-toxic, invisible, odorless, and leaves no residue. In fact, it uses the same process as the antimicrobial surfaces found on the skin of a gecko or the wings of a dragonfly.


Ideal for use in highly trafficked environments such as schools, hospitals, offices, entertainment venues, and job sites, Omnisol leaves an imperceptible layer that inhibits the growth of microbes on any environment for up to 90 days.


Because our treatment can last up to 90 days, our technicians do not need to visit as often as conventional sanitation services, saving your company on cost and disruption.

Science You Can Trust.

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